Sunday, July 29, 2012

Please Pray for the Family

  This year alone has been one heart ache after another. Trevor's uncle David became very ill. He asperated into his lungs which caused lack of oxygen into the brain and it caused him to go into a coma. While in the coma the doctors intibated him and did a 24 hour dialisis and did an MRI to see if their was any brain dammage. Afterwards they did an aggressive dialisis and it put him into cardiac arrest. They tried to do another dialisis and David almost had another cardiac arrest. The Doctors than said either his brain or his body would come out of this. His daughter, who had also suffered a loss of her husband at the beginning of the year, and David's two sisters knew that david wouldn't want to live the remainder of his life in this condition. They stopped doing dialisis and the doctors said he could go at any time. David passed away May, 5th 2012 he would've been 53 on May 11th.

  The weird part was that the very same day David Morse went into the hospital my grandfather James Barlow also went into the hospital. Grandpa hurt his knee and so my Grandma took him to the ER, after being declined multiple times for insurance purposes a hospital finally accepted them and did X-rays. They found lung cancer surging through his lungs, they said it was the fast acting kind. They immediately put him on kemo-therapy, he had lost his hair and was becoming weaker as the time went on.

  My entire family lives in California, while I live in Utah. It was hard to hear my jolly grandpa, was now fighting for his life. My family explained to me that I needed to have a plan just in case. He is currently fighting for his life, please pray for him.

  After David passed, and we found out the news about James. Trevor than got into a car accident, he was T-Boned at an intersection right outside from his work. His car is totaled, but Trevor is still recovering. Trevor hit his head hard on the window during impact. The doctors said with Trevor's Dandy Walker Cyst in his head, he's lucky to be alive.

  After everything that has happened this year alone, I know that Zadkiel was watching out for his daddy.

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