Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mommy and me weekend

My mom flew in on April 6th at 5:35pm, I was so nervous when Trevor drove me to go pick her up from the airport. I was so nervous and worried that we wouldn't have a good time, everybody kept telling me everything will be fine. THANK GOD THEY WERE RIGHT! We hung out at the house the night she came over and had a couple drinks, listened to good music, sang and danced our hearts out it was so much fun.

Momma and Me the first night

Me and Trev the first night

After the first night we had planned to wake up early and go for a walk around the park. Of course when you stay up all night you don't end up waking up that early and certain plans don't end up happening. We woke up around noon, ate some yummy homemade mcmuffins (made by Angy). That day we got breakfast for saturday morning ready, we made an egg suflay. After we got it ready, momma Rene'e and I stayed up all night talking had a couple shots of the yummy butterscotch shnapps and laughed so hard we cried. We stayed up till about five in the morning and had to put the suflay in around six thirty that morning so Trevor would be able to have some. When Saturday morning came around Trevor actually ate it and enjoyed it, and he hates eggs! That day we were out of it, but that still didn't hold us back from our fun. That night we went out to a bar and played some pool and had even more fun! It was our last night together and we wanted it to be amazing, and it was!

Angy and Rene'e the third night

Sunday morning Trev and I woke up to momma Angy and momma Rene'e cooking up a feast in the kitchen for Easter dinner. We got hit with the most amazing smells of turkey, stuffing, yams, the works! I learned some new recipes while she was here and it was the most fun (I think) we've had throughout out entire life together.

From the time she got here to the time we had to drop her off Monday morning at five thirty, our relationship has changed drastically. I feel like my mother and I are a lot closer, and she has even become close friends with Angy. All the things I was nervous about didn't even seem to be a bother. I'm excited for the next time she comes out.

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