Friday, March 16, 2012

I've been in the hospital since 11am yesterday it's sunny outside and a brand new day. I may have gotten a grand total of four hours of sleep last night, Trevor had definitely gotten less, he was watching the heart monitor the entire time. When I woke up this morning I met the OB team, they basically told me that the heart did dip temporarily while I was sleeping but not to worry. They said that I am able to eat something light and I can still drink clear liquids.

Trevor has been a complete God send! He has been getting to know this hospital like the back of his hand; running to get me food or whatever I may or may not need. We are both incredibley nervous but we are still doing okay considering.

They took me in for another ultrasound to measure the fluids in his body as well as the ambiotic fluid and his adorable little body. Here are a couple pictures they snapped for me;

This is a snap shot of his face, showing a portion of his cleft lip. He kept putting his arm infront of his face so the technician couldn't get a total clear view.

His little baby foot, Trev poked my belly before he ran out the door and as soon as he was about to walk out the door the baby started squiggling and kicking that spot. I honestly feel like the baby was trying to tell his daddy not to go.

Zadkiel's legs, knees, and belly. He was a lot more mellow in this ultrasound compared to the earlier ultrasounds. The technician told us it was because as the baby gets older he has less room to jump around. I think he's just waiting for people to look away, I feel him move constantly especially when he wants something.

Overall, my little man is doing great, they're still having me stay here until I give birth. So that could be anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, it does depend on what the doctors see in these next few days. I may even deliver today it really is all up in the air for now. They have me set up to get another echo at noon, so I have been trying to eat something light before I go in there.

They're checking my blood pressure and giving me oxygen.

This monitor shows me the babies heart beat and the doctor's are able to monitor him from the other room..

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  1. You are soo amazing...and God has blessed you with the strenght and spirit to endure this and praying you're miracle baby will be Gods will and get here in due time, safely in your arms. We are thinking of you guys and thanks for this blogger...great job.